About the John Sugden Swim School

About John Sugden

Over 23 Years of developing and facilitating athletes and swimmers for greater potential, at:

John Sugden Swim School – Owner/Manager (23 yrs – present day)

Tennis & Cricket Players, Golfers, Runners, etc (23 yrs – present day)

Kew Swim Club - Head Swim Coach (7 years)

Firbank Grammar School – Athletics Coach (10 yrs - Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hurdles)

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Educator (4 years combined - Teacher/Lecturer)

St Paul’s Swim Pool – Kew

We Specialize In


Bringing the nervous system in tune with the swimming process thus enabling optimal movement.

Mind & Body

Understanding how to integrate emotional comfort and movement in water.

Shattering Limitations

Knowing how to move the body and mind beyond “pre-conditioned” ingrained limitations.

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By the way, our children are having a wonderful time at your swim school – they are just loving it and coming ahead in leaps and bounds. Thanks again.



“Very happy to recommend your swim school as it’s been life changing for me. ”



It has been an extreme pleasure watching Dylan and Hayley progress under your school’s tutelage and I couldn’t have chosen someone else better.



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