About the John Sugden Swim School

About John Sugden

Over 23 Years of developing and facilitating athletes and swimmers for greater potential, at:

John Sugden Swim School – Owner/Manager (23 yrs – present day)

Tennis & Cricket Players, Golfers, Runners, etc (23 yrs – present day)

Kew Swim Club - Head Swim Coach (7 years)

Firbank Grammar School – Athletics Coach (10 yrs - Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hurdles)

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Educator (4 years combined - Teacher/Lecturer)

St Paul’s Swim Pool – Kew

We Specialize In


Bringing the nervous system in tune with the swimming process thus enabling optimal movement.

Mind & Body

Understanding how to integrate emotional comfort and movement in water.

Shattering Limitations

Knowing how to move the body and mind beyond “pre-conditioned” and ingrained limitations.

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By the way, our children are having a wonderful time at your swim school – they are just loving it and coming ahead in leaps and bounds. Thanks again.Elizabeth


“Very happy to recommend your swim school as it’s been life changing for me”



It has been an extreme pleasure watching Dylan and Hayley progress under your school’s tutelage and I couldn’t have chosen someone else better.Kris


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