Learn to Swim with John Sugden

With unique and specialised learn to swim programs our students learn to swim naturally and properly. See the difference for yourself!.

Learn to swim

Whether you are new to swimming or want to add more to your already acquired skills, learn to swim using the right techniques at John Sugden Swimming School and improve your swimming no matter what level you’re at. Get swimming lessons that are personalised to fit your goals and build your confidence when in the water. We also run water safety lessons designed to teach you how to stay safe and comfortable in water. At John Sugden Swim School we deliver the best swimming lessons in and around Kew area for both the kids and adults in a fun, loving, and safe environment.

Unique Approach to Swimming

When it comes to learning to swim for the first time, or continuing to learn, it can be difficult to work out what you need to improve if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. At John Sugden Swim School we follow a unique approach to help you learn to swim properly. We teach the correct techniques from the start, to help you learn swimming in the most natural way possible. This means we don’t use swim learning aids. No Floaties, Back Bubbles, or Flippers that limit you and prevent you from building confidence in your swimming. We build up your emotional comfort so that you feel confident to swim naturally and easily.

Three-stage Development Process for Swimming

As part of our comprehensive swim learning program, we also offer a three step development process that helps train your mind and body, helping you learn to swim effectively. Our Professional teachers will help you develop your overall skills through these three stages – Brain, Stimulation, and Movement. The first step in early stages of your swimming process is the Brain stage – designed to develop emotional and mental stability in water. It sets you up for faster and more comfortable learning in our later lessons. After this stage is the Stimulation Stage. Here we help your nervous system respond to the water as it does on the land. Finally, the Movement Stage helps your body to adjust and move correctly while swimming and in water.

Why Water Safety is Important While You Learn to Swim

While learning to swim with the correct techniques is important, learning how to be safe in water comes first. These lessons are great for kids as well as for adults, and are useful whenever you are in or around water. Every year there are thousands of injuries that take place around swimming pools and water due to neglect and poor knowledge when it comes to safety. Knowing the right steps to take when facing a difficult situation or playing around water is not only important, but can save lives. Our trained swimming teachers help you develop the right skills and understand correct procedures and techniques for water safety. Book in for a lesson today, and learn an important lifetime skill.

Three decades of experience in teaching Swimming

John Sugden has more than 25 years of professional experience in developing special coaching programs for new swimmers and athletes alike. Our highly trained and experienced swimming teachers at John Sugden Swim School will help you learn to swim like a professional, with professionally developed adult and kids swimming lessons. We teach you how to effectively use your body while swimming to help you learn in a quick, easy and efficient way. What’s more, we teach swimming to you in 8 total levels divided across 3 types of water environments – Billabong, Lake, and Ocean, allowing you to learn no matter what level you’re at.

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Get the best swimming and water safety lessons with our professional swimming classes in Kew and learn the best practices to swim. Just give us a call on 0490867499, or send an email with your preferences and enquiries at john@jsss.com.au and we’ll be in touch with you.