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Swimming Classes

At JSSS we don’t just teach you how to swim. We teach you how to be comfortable in the water, and how to improve your swimming technique every time you jump in. You don’t think about walking or running, you just do it! So why should swimming be any different? Our swimming classes will teach you to react to water the same way you would on land, and make swimming a natural part of you.

Regardless of whether you’re swimming for the first time or you’ve been swimming for years, our level-based classes will meet you where you’re at and bring you to the next level. We offer swimming lessons for children, with options for group lessons at varying skill levels or private lessons for those looking to improve their swimming beyond their current best. Give us a call or send an email to book today, or for more information on session times.

A Different Way to Swim

John Sugden Swim School

Over the last 25 years we have developed a unique learning methodology that takes advantage of the way our bodies adapt to our environment, and goes beyond what other swim schools can offer.

Our swimming classes consists of three focus points; brain, movement, and stimulation.


This point focuses primarily on ensuring that you or your child is comfortable in and under the water. We start here, building up a foundation for the rest of the program smooths out a lot of the issues many people have when they first learn to swim.
When jumping into water for the first time, your brain panics, going into a survival state that hinders your ability to learn how to swim properly. Learning how to tune your body to be comfortable in the water is the first step to swimming at your best.


Every swimmer has their own unique style. Some swim slower, some move their arms differently, and some swim their own style completely! Through Movement we tap into the way your body moves naturally, and help you bring it to its full potential. This way you find the most comfortable and natural way for you to swim.


Stimulation involves special training that prompts the swimmer’s nervous system to respond in water as it does on land. Instinctively and without hesitation! This part of the training involves a variety of energised activities and course correction that will transform anyone into an excellent swimmer.

Swimming Classes for Children and Adults

At JSSS we have 8 levels for swimmers of different skill levels, divided up between 3 stages of swimming proficiency.

The first two classes in stage one (Billabong) are for beginners, and focus on the development of water safety and the basics. The second level (Lake) is comprised of three classes that continue the water craft learnt in the first stage, and extend the lessons to encompass learning proper swimming technique and swim craft. The third stage (ocean), is designed to train swimmers beyond being just good swimmers, into the realm of champions. Here our students refine their craft, and start their journey into competition and more.

When you first join JSSS we place you in the class that you’ll be most comfortable in. From basic to expert, we can help you all the way through your swimming journey. To find your closest JSSS location click here.

John Sugden Swim School

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John Sugden Swim School
John Sugden Swim School

For additional details or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us at 0490 867 499 or email us at for locations in Glen Waverley, Balwyn, and Boroondara for Kilsyth South, please call us at 0472 703 030 or email us at . We look forward to assisting you!

Free Trial and Swim Assessment

JSSS looks forward to welcoming your child to a free
assessment followed by a trial lesson in a normal swim class.

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