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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to keep it simple, and for the most part, we do! We know you have questions though, so the following exists to ‘fill in the blanks’.

How do I enrol in a John Sugden Swim Class?

Visit our Lessons page to look at the variety of lessons we offer. Purchases can be made through our website here or in person at our office.

Why is an assessment necessary?

We assess all new students to understand their capacity in water and to place them in the ideal class to suit their level of development.

Your swim classes are held in indoor pools - why is warm water important?

Indoor heated pools and warm water allows our students to swim in a relaxed environment. A cold pool usually results in cold, shivering students, who, in turn, will not be relaxed when it’s time to swim. A warm and relaxed environment creates a comfortable and fluid swimmer.

What’s the best age to start?

Our philosophy is “The sooner the better, and it’s never too late”. The majority of students who start at a very young age will master the water and be able to navigate pools on their own before long. We encourage lessons to start as early in a childs development sometimes children, as they get older, experience anxiety and emotional obstacles. As a child grows and becomes a teenager or an adult, they will often find that it is more of a struggle to learn to swim because of the mental hurdles they must overcome. However, an open mind, commitment and expert coaching often leads to great success.

How do you ensure that small children don’t drink or choke on water?

Our instructors use a method of teaching in which repetitive motions and verbal cues are used so that students are expecting the submersion. Swimming truly becomes natural and effortless for students, at any age, to learn comfortably.

Why is it important to take regular scheduled swimming lessons?

Students who attend John Sugden Swim School enjoy accelerated success and improvement in attitude and skill particularly if the student can attend lessons often and work through all levels of our program.

Do lessons expire?

Yes. All of our packages have expiration dates which ultimately conclude at the end of the scheduled class program.

What will my child learn in a session?

Progression varies according to several factors. Some students will progress more rapidly depending on each individual. It is best to keep in mind that, like any athletic pursuit, swim lessons are a commitment if you want the skill to be truly ingrained. Our goal is to help children and adults progress each and every lesson and make the most of their time in the pool with us. We want our students to leave our program with superb skills and a love of water.

Can I miss a lesson with advance notice?

Yes. We offer an absence / makeup class system whereby with advanced notice, you are able to opt out of a class and arrange to take a makeup class at a later date. Class capacities are limited, so your ability to reschedule will depend on availability.

How do I lodge an absence?

All students (or their parents or guardians) who are enrolled in our programs have access to our ‘Client Login Portal’. The portal gives the student secure access to their own individual profile and it is within the portal that absences can be lodged and makeup classes can be scheduled.

What happens if I miss a lesson and haven't lodged an absence?

Please be sure that when you schedule your swim lessons that you can make it to the classes. Once you have booked the lessons there are no refunds. The time slot is yours whether you show up or not. We guarantee that lessons booked will be available as scheduled. JSSS cannot guarantee the same instructor for every lesson due to the nature of employees however we will always strive to do so.

Can I schedule a make up lesson after lodging an absence?

Yes. Make up classes can be scheduled immediately after lodging an absence via our Client Login Portal. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to lodge an absence.

What if I missed the 48 hour advance notice window?

If it becomes necessary to cancel a lesson, you must call the office. The lesson WILL ONLY be made-up if another swimmer takes your child’s lesson time. If allowed to make-up your lesson, you will have two weeks to make-up the cancelled lesson. Make-ups are not guaranteed and done on a space available basis. If you don’t call or email prior to the lesson, no makeup will be given and class is forfeited. Classes may not be rescheduled or made-up more than once per package.

Should I take lessons year-round or take a break?

Students who are completely confident, comfortable, and proficient swimmers tend to remember the coaching techniques used by JSSS (even after a long break). During excessively long breaks, however, students may lose confidence. In an emergency situation, the child could panic and cause them to forget what they were trained to do; therefore, we suggest that student only take breaks between courses if they have a pool in which to practice in.

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