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Terms And Conditions

Jsss Long Form Terms And Conditions (June 2021)


JSSS will email invoices for classes which are payable by the due date as indicated on the invoice
o Payment in full of the invoice confirms you have agreed with the day and time offered and you accept these terms and conditions for the respective term.
o Payment also guarantees your / your child/ren’s place in the class for the respective term.
First Time Enrolment
o All new swimmers to JSSS will be assessed in a Free Assessment (5-10 min duration) to determine appropriate level. A Free Trial Lesson (FTL) is then arranged. You will be informed of the available days/times and locations of the FTL following the Assessment. After the FTL, you can enrol in a class at the appropriate level.
Change of Day/Time/Venue (subject to availability)
o You will need to inform JSSS if you wish to change day, time or venue at the earliest possible convenience via Email/Phone before the payment due date.

Make Up Lessons

 If you are unable to attend a lesson and provide at least 2 hours’ notice, you may book a makeup lesson.  Unless this is the first or last week of term, in which case make-up lessons cannot be provided.  Make-up lessons must be taken within 90days and while you continue to be enrolled with JSSS. Make up classes are not transferable to any School Holiday Program/Siblings.  We are not able to book make-up lessons in the first week of any term.  Make-up lesssons can be booked online through the customer portal.

 Credits can only be provided where JSSS has not been able to provide the lesson (e.g. pool unavailable).

School Holiday Program (SHP)

 The SHP is an intensive one week period during school holidays. (This is sometimes extended to 2 weeks during some school holidays).  Allocation to a particular class schedule in any or both of the weeks cannot be changed or selected. There are no make-up lessons or refunds for missed lessons in any SHP.

Care and Safety

Swimming is prohibited with any of the following:
o Open cuts/wounds/ringworm/tinea;
o Serious colds/coughs/flu/viral infections/green or yellow runny noses;
o Bodily discharge, conjunctivitis and urinary tract infections;
o Symptoms of Gastreonitis – vomiting/diarrhoea must be clear for at least 48-72 hours
JSSS reserves the right to request a Doctors clearance for the above stated ailment/injury

Parental Supervision

Parents/guardians are responsible for their own children’s safety at all times outside of their scheduled lesson
o This includes in the car park, showers/dressing rooms and on pool deck.
Parents/guardians with children not involved in a lesson are entirely responsible for their care and safety. Children under 10 years of age must be actively supervised by a parent/guardian (over 16 years age) at all times.  Parents/guardians are required to remain on site during their child/ren’s lesson as well as before and after.  Children are not allowed to play in the water before or after their swim class. JSSS is not liable for any loss (property), personal injury or death which occurs before, after or during swimming lessons.

Venue Specific Rules (Dictated by Venue Managers)

Wesley College
o All swimmers (Adults/Teachers/Children) are to wear a Swim Cap
Kooyong Swimming Pool and MLC
o No food/drink to be consumed on pool deck.

Photography and Video

Photographing and videoing your child during a JSSS class is permitted.
o Any photographs/video taken cannot be used for publicity or internet use in any way without written permission from JSSS.
Copyright in photographs and video – Right to use by JSSS
o On occasion, JSSS will videotape your child’s lesson for internal training purposes.
Where possible, notification will be given by SMS and parents have the right to withdraw child/ren from the lesson and request an additional make-up lesson.
o Any photographs or video taken by JSSS during class may be used for training, promotion or other purposes.

General Conditions

JSSS reserves the right to restrict enrolment or ask anyone to leave the pool or pool area at any time based on health and safety policies or any behaviour deemed unreasonable or unsafe.  Any person brought to the venue is entirely your responsibility and done so at your own risk.  All property and valuables left in the venues, change areas or outside is left at your own risk. JSSS does not accept and responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to personal possessions.