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The John Sugden Approach

At JSSS we believe every human being is talented to learn and then swim, given the right learning environment. It is our job as Educators in Water that this happens at John Sugden Swim School!

It is also our mission to ensure all our students receive quality instruction resulting in students being comfortable and safe in all types of water environments. This quality instruction is unique to JSSS and effective which will be demonstrated in your FREE TRIAL Lesson.


John Sugden

Head Trainer and Founder of the John Sugden Swim School

A highly skilled Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Educator, John Sugden has been developing and facilitating athletes and swimmers for greater potential for over 30 years. John’s coaching career has encompassed:

  • John Sugden Swim School – Owner/Manager
  • 1987-Present Day Multiple Athletes, ie, Soccer & Cricket Players, Footballers, Runners, etc – Anything representing Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching, Hitting, Twisting – ALL Movements in ALL Sports are ALL Linked!
  • 2000-2007 Kew Swim Club – Head Swim Coach
  • 1997-1999 Surrey Park Swim Club – Assistant Coach
  • 1990-2000 Firbank Grammar School – Athletics Coach

John’s own sporting career has encompassed:

  • 1989 – Harrogate Cricket Club & Leeds National Indoor Cricket Team, North Yorkshire
  • 1981 – Victorian Amateur Football Association U/18’s Squad Member
  • 1982 – Hawthorn Football Club U/19’s
  • 1980 – Hawthorn Football Club U/19’s & Captain Peter Crimmins Development Squad

Our Swimming Program

Our swim school program is unique, in that we remove all flotation devices so that our students can learn how to swim naturally. This helps facilitate independence in the water, allowing students to discover their own natural swimming abilities.

Developed over 25 years of professional swim coaching, our methodology combines 3 spheres of development, going beyond what other swim schools can offer.

By combining this triad of focal points, we believe we offer the best method of facilitating the development of water safety and the body’s natural impulses, to teach swimming as naturally as possible. No Kickboards, No Flippers, No Noodles, No Pullbuoys, No Floaties, No Back Bubbles – we learn more without than with!
Our methodology combines three main focal points: Brain, Movement, and Stimulation.

In Brain, we focus primarily on ensuring that emotional comfort in and under water is established with acceptance by mouth paramount in the early stages of learning. Once these fundamentals are in place, humans move out of the survival brain of panic in water. When this Emotional Comfort Brain is established Body Tuning for learning to swim begins. We then go on and build the Movement and Stimulation aspects establishing the Human Body in Water as a fully integrated system. This is body – mind connection in water.

In Movement, we are constantly aware that each swimmer has his or her own unique style of moving through water. We find ways to bring this to the swimmer’s attention and guide it to it’s full potential. We tap into the individuals natural body flow!

The Stimulation process is unique to JSSS coaxing the swimmer’s nervous system to respond in water as it does on land, that is, without hesitation! It is in this aspect of training that we apply a variety of energised activities and “course corrections” to bring about Excellence in Water without Effort.

swim school

The Best They Can Swim

At John Sugden Swim Schools, we aim to stimulate your child to be the best they can be in water.

Our Swimming Classes

We have a total of 8 levels divided into 3 categories, each with a distinct objective:

Billabong – comprises the first two beginner classes which focus on the development of Water craft and safety.

Lake – comprises of three class levels which continue the water craft as learnt in Billabong but extends the focus on to learning correct Swim craft.

Ocean – trains the swimmers for competitiveness in a variety of disciplines and begins the “Champions Journey” for our students.

Build Confidence

Offering a full range of swimming environments – from youth swimmer to Olympic hopeful.


John Sugden Swim School programs are for everyone.



“By the way, our children are having a wonderful time at your swim school – they are just loving it and coming ahead in leaps and bounds. Thanks again.“



“Very happy to recommend your swim school as it’s been life changing for me.”



“It has been an extreme pleasure watching Dylan and Hayley progress under your school’s tutelage and I couldn’t have chosen someone else better.”



“I am so happy with the the training methods, the excellent facilities, and most of all the supportive and knowledgeable instructors. I highly recommend JSSS.”

John Sugden Swim School programs are for everyone.

For the last 3 decades John Sugden has been developing unique coaching programs for athletes and swimmers. It is this experience that today separates John Sugden Swim School from all the other learn-to-swim programs that have come before and after. The John Sugden Swim School program is structured to teach proper swimming skills utilizing efficient use of the body. This technique is taught due to the fact that the majority of your ability to swim well is based on a lot more than just your arms and legs.
Our step-by-step method breaks down the complexity of learning to swim so that our students never become frustrated or fearful. These small steps make each individual swimming skill easy and fun to learn. All of our instructors have attained the AustSwim Swim Teachers’ Certificate, and have also completed our comprehensive training program – one that ensures our students have the skills and confidence to be fully safe and proficient in the water. Come see why John Sugden Swim School is the best choice to teach both children and adults alike.

For more information and any enquiries, please contact us at 0490 867 499 or shoot us an email at admin@jsss.com.au.


JSSS looks forward to welcoming your child to a free assessment followed by a trial lesson in a normal swim class.


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