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At John Sugden Swim Schools, we aim to stimulate your child to be the best they can be in water.

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A Swim program that goes beyond others

Using the methodology we have developed for over 20 years, we combine the 3 spheres of development to go beyond what other swim schools can offer.

..this is exactly what we like about your swim school…it’s not like the others and we intend on staying for years to come! Appreciate that you’re trying to help kids be safe and confident in the water, knowing their bodies and knowing how to move them! Katie M - Parent

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Billabong Classes

– comprises the beginner classes which focus on the development of Water craft and safety.

Lake Classes

– comprises the three class levels which continue the water craft as learnt in Billabong but extends the focus onto learning correct Swim craft.

Ocean Classes

– trains the swimmers for competitiveness in a variety of disciplines and begins the “Champions Journey” for our students.

We also have Adult and Master Classes.

If you find that after swimming with other coaches you have plateaued or lost your enthusiasm, look at one of Adult or Master classes wher we excel in helping the advanced to break though their limitations.

We Offer Classes at Multiple Locations!

St Paul's - Kew

MLC - Kew

Wesley College - Mt Waverley

Why Choose Us?

Small Classes

 Maximum of 3 children per teacher in junior classes.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our Teachers undergo training beyond that of Traditional AustSwim requirements.

Advanced Body Tuning

Your child is coached to learn to be “in-tune” with his/her body as part of the process to go beyond limitations.

Comprehensive Program

Your child will develop using the most comprehensive swim training in Australia.

Teaching to Survive

 We do not use swim aids like kickboards or floaties so that your child can be totally self reliant in any situation.

Strong Emotional Focus

Your child’s emotional state is constantly facilitated to ensure they maximise the rewards of “growing in water”.

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Senior Coach / Facilitator



Swim Facilitator

What People Are Saying

By the way, our children are having a wonderful time at your swim school – they are just loving it and coming ahead in leaps and bounds. Thanks again.



“Very happy to recommend your swim school as it’s been life changing for me. “



It has been an extreme pleasure watching Dylan and Hayley progress under your school’s tutelage and I couldn’t have chosen someone else better.



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