Specialised Swimming Lessons

From beginner to Professional, JSSS swimming lessons will bring you to your peak. Learn to swim naturally and properly.

Swimming Lessons Melbourne

John Sugden Swim School offers a unique approach to teaching swimming, allowing anyone to learn to swim naturally at the best of their abilities. With more than 25 years of experience in specialised coaching and swimming classes for adults and kids, we can teach anyone to swim, regardless of whether they are a beginner or at an expert level. We teach swimmers of all levels, from beginner to professional, and use advanced swim teaching techniques to bring you to the level you’re striving for.

We are different from other swimming centres here in Melbourne in that we help you learn to swim as naturally as you run and jump. At John Sugden Swim School, we provide the best swimming lessons available for all ages, and follow a sequential development process to take you there.

A Unique Approach to Swimming

Here at John Sugden Swim School, we teach people to swim following a unique three-stage development process. We focus on the correct swimming techniques, your health, safety, and overall fitness. Overall, we aim to create the best environment for swimming lessons Melbourne, to help you swim at the best of your abilities. We do not use any water aids such as floaties, bubbles, noodles or flippers, as they tend to hinder the process of learning to swim naturally. Our unique approach is to make you swim using natural impulses, and do it in the best possible way.

Three-stage development process

Our swimming lessons are designed to develop your natural instincts while in water and give you the right directions to swim properly. John Sugden Swim School lessons follow a three-step development process – Brain, Stimulation, and Movement. With this three-step early development, we bring you to a level where your mind and body are ready to swim and tuned with each other while you are swimming. Our swimming lessons are divided into 8 levels and three categories of swim proficiency – Billabong, Lake, and Ocean. We help you learn to swim using your body efficiently, and promote development a perfect mind-body connection.

Water Safety Swimming Lessons Melbourne

Together with swimming lessons, we focus primarily on the water safety lessons that go hand in hand. For kids as well as for adults, water safety is the most important aspect to stay safe when in and around water. We teach specialised water safety lessons to prepare you to stay safe in all water environments and conditions.

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We have been delivering specialised swimming lessons for kids and adults of various ages with prime focus on the use of proper swimming techniques, staying fit, and being safe in all water environments. Whether you’re new to swimming or an experienced swimmer looking to improve your skills and go one step ahead, John Sugden Swim School is the best place for you. For the best swimming lessons Melbourne, call us today on 0490 867 499 or just send an email to john@jsss.com.au to book in.