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Age group swimming underwater by Mike Lewis

Safety in water is perceived as swimming from point A to point B. However, there are many ways to swim from point A to point B. The 2 extremes are with number one with panic or number two calmly. If the swimmer is panicking they may swallow water, start doubting their ability to make it and need help. They will get very tired very quickly and what is perceived as fast swimming is “panic swimming”. If the swimmer is calm they will not swallow water, never doubt themselves and wont need help. They wont get tired! What is perceived as slow swimming is efficient and effortless and allows for a higher energy for longer as they are relaxed. The person is “athletic” in the water!

Have you ever watched sports people who look relaxed, be it, a golfer, runner, tennis player or swimmer, etc? They look calm and often slow at times. Take the golf swing, if someone looks graceful they often look slow, but there is a calmness to it and an efficiency that makes the ball travel a long way. A more aggressive golf swing means the ball will not travel as far and there is a much higher chance of slicing or hooking. It’s the same in swimming – but we get exhausted because we have to swim distance! Distance in swimming may only be 10 metres or 25 metres for those learning to swim. So, we need to accept “us humans” as being buoyant and enjoy the floating feeling before worrying about speed. The speed will come if your mind believes you are safe in water!!!

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